About Us

Our Story

Chamundi Gurukulam was established in 2020 by Guru Pashupati and Shweta Danawade with a sole purpose: to impart warrior education and wisdom to the world. The current system of education leaves us terribly underprepared to face life.

The problem begins when nobody is taught that the body is an instrument of communication. Not words, not expressions, not body language, but the body itself.

The human body gives off pheromones and electromagnetic radiation that plays a crucial role in winning other people’s cooperation and trust. This is what allows us to hold other people’s attention to get our ideas across and also to influence their minds and opinions. 

But most people are unable to get their thoughts, ideas and solutions across to others around them, simply because they do not know these subtle secrets that only yogis do. 

We need to call upon the martial arts of the yogis, which allowed them to protect themselves from animals attacking them when they were meditating deep inside jungles. They are able to create a protective electromagnetic field around them and also produce pheromones that repel animals from attacking them. 

In today’s world, not only do we need to repel people who come to us with negative intentions, we also need to be capable of inviting the right people in our lives. 

We need to give them a good reason to work with us and this is not just an intellectual reason, but a felt reason. They should feel that it is the right thing to do; to work with us. 

This creates a bond that will help us conquer the massive challenges that we face today. 

And this is exactly what our students have achieved. Many of our students have had great success in making it out of a sticky situation without harm. Whether it is standing their ground and clearing their name in office politics or defending themselves from being mugged in a foreign country, our students can overcome any problem that life throws at them. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach this knowledge to every Indian. When each and every Indian is empowered with this martial art of the yogis, only then will India reclaim its position as a global leader. 

Our Accomplishment

Till date, the concentrated efforts of the Gurukulam have resulted in 14+ million people being trained in the art of self defence, 150,000+ people have gained invaluable knowledge and life skills through various bootcamps and foundation courses. 

300+ students and 200+ police personnel are currently training in long term courses with the Gurukulam where they are learning rapidly to solve pressing issues they face on a daily basis. 

The education imparted in the Gurukulam helps you become a powerful person. When you become a powerful person, you automatically do powerful things. You cannot do powerful things without being a powerful person first. 

Our Team

Guru Pashupati

Director & Co-Founder, Chamundi Gurukulam

Shweta Danawade

Director & Co-Founder, Chamundi Gurukulam

Yuvraj Bhatia

Coach, Social Scientist & Head of Marketing

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Shashank Dutt

Coach & Communications Designer

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Kunal Pandit

Coach & Performance Engineer

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Divya Abirami

Coach & Public Relations-Head

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